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Jasper Forks

Alex Christensen adopted the name Jasper Forks in early 2010 to mark a move away from the dance productions with which he had previously been associated (Alex C, U96). Under his new guise, he began producing tech piano house, and with his first single „The River Flows In You“ he gained a Top 10 dance record in Europe. Inspired by the original version written by the korean composer „Yiruma“, made Jasper a beautiful rendition for the dancefloors all over the world. The follow up single „Alone“ is also ready for a release in early 2011. Again with a beautiful piano hook line.

He is based in Hamburg, Germany, and the future looks bright for Jasper Forks who is currently finishing work on his debut album "Thats all Forks“.

In early 2011 the album will be done, he says, and there will be a huge amount of DJing, domestic and international like he never done before.